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Mindful Self-Compassion Booster Sessions

For people who have completed the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program. We offer regular opportunities to deepen your practice. We have afternoon booster sessions and practice retreats at Myponga.


Why join a Booster Session?

Carving out 3-hours on a Saturday afternoon to bring new energy, joy and clarity to your MSC practice. Enjoy the serene environment of Sophia and the company of like minded people.

The format: the afternoon will involve thought provoking exercises, contemplations, small and larger group sharing, new teachings and short meditations. Each session will have a different theme relating to MSC.

Themes: Each session will have a different theme - please feel free to email Tina to suggest one.

Cost: $30 
Venue: Sophia, 225 Cross Road, Cumberland Park
Times: 2pm - 5pm

See below for dates

Why join a Retreat at Myponga?

4-hours of meditation practice, connection with nature and the MSC community of past participants.

The format: similar to the 4-hour morning retreats at Sophia, I will be alternating led stillness practices with silent personal practice periods. During the periods that are not led you are welcome to practice in anyway calling to you; walking, goal-less gazing out towards the ocean or bush or mindful movement on a yoga mat. There will be a maximum of 10 participants for these with herbal teas and morning tea provided.

There will be options later in the year for retreats with minimal instructions. 4-hours of silent practice together. The dates are still to be confirmed.

Your teacher: Tina

Cost: $50
Venue: 315 Sampson Road, Myponga Beach
Times: 10am - 2pm

See below for dates

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MSC Booster Sessions

      At Sophia:


  • Feb. 4th - Topic: intention, why practice? An opportunity to both explore and connect more deeply with your compassionate motivation...
  • April 1st
  • June 3rd
  • August 5th
  • September 2nd
  • November 4th

MSC Myponga Retreats

February 19th; theme of heart-full-ness

This will be a silent retreat - with led practices. There will be opportunity for plenty of silent practice in between my words.

More 2023 dates to be confirmed...

To register:

For a place at a MSC Myponga Retreat or an afternoon Booster Session at Sophia simply email Tina

The past participants that regularly attend the MSC Booster sessions often comment that the Heart's Nest space is welcoming, warm and peaceful. Refreshing the MSC practices with like minded people seems to be a booster shot to the spirit. People often find the walk through the garden to and from the space is a calming practice in itself. 
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