MSC Booster



Mindful Self-Compassion Booster Sessions and Deepening Practice Afternoons

For people who have completed the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program. Tina and Pete offer regular booster sessions and deepening personal practice sessions.


Why join a booster session?

Re-visit the formal / informal practices, deepen your understanding of the MSC topics and stay connected with past participants.

The format: 1-hour of led meditation practices, followed by 30-minutes of sharing a relevant text and conversation around a topic from the MSC program.

Cost: $10

Venue: The Heart's Nest, 9 Reedie Street, Henley Beach
Times: Monday evening 7pm - 8:30

Thursday morning 10am - 11:30am

Dates: See below for 2019 dates:

Why join a Deepening Practice session?

Carving out 3-hours on a Saturday afternoon to bring new energy, joy and clarity to your MSC practice. Enjoy the serene environment of Sophia and the company of like minded people.

The format: the afternoon will involve thought provoking exercises, contemplations, small and larger group sharing, new teachings and short meditations. Each session will have a different theme relating to MSC.

Cost: $30 or $20 if attending the silent retreat the same day
Venue: Sophia, 225 Cross Road, Cumberland Park
Times: 2pm - 5pm

See below for dates

MSC Deepening Practice


Saturday the 7th 

Theme is Common Humanity

To register for a deepening practice session simply email Tina

MSC Booster Sessions

January - no sessions

February, Monday 4th
Activating the calming soothing system via MSC, discussing Paul Gilbert’s model of the 3 emotional systems.

March- no sessions

April, Monday 1st or Thursday 4th
Resistance, exploring how and when it can add to our suffering

May, Monday 27th or Thursday 23rd
Equanimity, the balance of wisdom and compassion

June, Monday 17th or Thursday 13th 
Loving kindness, exploring the science behind it and how to keep your phrases alive and authentic

July - no sessions

August, Monday 12th or Thursday 8th
MSC in relationshipping

September, Monday 16th or Thursday 19th
Being with difficult emotions, unpacking the 'Soften - Soothe - Allow' practice

October, Monday the 7th or Thursday 10th. Shame resilience

November, Monday 4th or Thursday 7th 
Forgiveness, the role MSC may play.

December, Monday 9th or Thursday 12th 
Anger and hard emotions, exploring opening up to meet unmet needs.

To register for a booster session simply email Tina

The past participants that regularly attend the MSC Booster sessions often comment that the Heart's Nest space is welcoming, warm and peaceful. Refreshing the MSC practices with like minded people seems to be a booster shot to the spirit. People often find the walk through the garden to and from the space is a calming practice in itself. 
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