5 Day



Mindful Self-Compassion 5-day intensives

MSC can be experienced in an intensive format, with the 8 sessions occuring over consecutive days including the extra retreat session.
The MSC intensive follows the same format and content as the 8-week program.


Why choose an Intensive?

Due to work, or life commitments the 8-week MSC may simply not be possible, therefore the intensive training format is the perfect option. The intensive allows participants to fully immerse themselves in MSC and deepen into both their understanding and practice of MSC. There are options of retreat style residential MSC intensives or non-residential. 

Click here for our July 2020 MSC 5-Day program participant evaluations. 



The 5-Day MSC Intensive:

"This program did meet my needs - I have left with a greater understanding of MSC and myself, I am more kind and gentle to myself, and feel more emotionally resilient. I feel motivated to continue the practices."

"I was touched by the ease to be with others, the common humanity - and with this ease came acceptance and a longing to be kinder to myself."

"This has been a life changing course for me. I finally have a solid way to respond to my empathic resonance and intense emotions. And turning the loving kindness towards my wandering mind and critic was revolutionary. There was something bigger as well that I can’t quite put my finger on, but this approach to suffering in myself and others just feels right." - past participant

"The intensive MSC course was an extremely valuable way to spend 4-days. The teachers provided a safe environment for exploring and sharing a range of life's difficult issues. The exercises, meditations and discussions were practical and useful but most importantly I have been able to apply them in my everyday life. It was a well-constructed course that allowed each individual to participate as much as they felt comfortable and to take from it what they needed for their own personal circumstances. The teachers were compassionate, kind and wise and helped me to challenge myself which is exactly what I needed." - Kerry

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